Walter Harzer's HIAG Memoir Album - WH103


Formed in 1950 by former high ranking surviving officers of the Waffen SS, the organization called Hilfsgemeinschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit der Angeh√∂rigen der ehemaligen Waffen-SS - HIAG was founded. This group was organized to provide mutual aid to soldiers who had served in the Waffen SS and their families. It also gave assistance to the families who searched for missing loved ones and also legal support for those who were in Allied captivity. Founded by former SS Brigadefuhrer Otto Kumm, this organization grew quickly to nearly 400 local branches located throughout German. The HIAG was very controversial in that it's membership involved SS officers who had been incarcerated after the war and had been convicted of war crimes. Many notable names and war heros from within the SS were members of this organization. Among those were: Paul Hausser, Felix Steiner, Herbert Gille, Sepp Dietrich,  Kurt Meyer[, and Wilhelm Bittrich. Folding to political and public pressure, the HIAG disbanded in 1992.


During the time of it's existence, Walter Harzer became the official historian for the HIAG, until his death in 1982. He coordinated the compiling of battle accounts of various Waffen SS units, their histories and the memoirs of the fighting soldiers who served in those outfits. In doing so, this contemporary album with protective sleeves, holds the personal papers, photos, and documents which Harzer compiled as historian for the HIAG. In it are newspaper accounts of him during his war time command, many photos, mail correspondences, letters, post cards between he and other SS officers and much more. There is literally a little treasure trove of information preserved in this album. These documents, photos, etc were the personal property of Knights Cross winner commander of the 9th Panzer SS division, who's men held the bridge too far at the battle of Arnhem.  Also included with this group are 2 commemorative plaques, and a large pewter cup with Harzer's name engraved on it. Evidently these must have been tokens of appreciation given by the organizations at which Harzer was the guest of honor or main speaker. Truly a fantastic and historic group of documents and memoirs and once personal property of SS Oberfuhrer Walter Harzer.   $3850.00



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