Walter Harzer Knight's Cross by K&Q - WH102


Initially about 5 years ago, the Walter Harzer grouping was ferreted out by renown 3rd Reich collectibles dealer/collector Giel van.... . He contacted us to see if we had an interest in purchasing it and we did. The adventure of U.K. collector Gary Southgate took in a ferry across the North Sea needs told first hand as it is an incredible saga in itself. Back to the collection! Among the items in this large grouping were over 130 photos, Harzer's membership in the HAIG with correspondence memoirs, his numbered SS Honor degen, German Cross in Gold, and this cased Knight's Cross.


As being the commander of the 9th panzer division which held the bridge at Arnhem, temporary preventing the allies from crossing the Rhine, SS Standartenfuhrer Walter Harzer was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross personally by Wilhelm Bittrich. This historic event in later years after the war was recorded in the book and movie titled A Bridge Too Far.


The shown Knight's Cross from this grouping was manufactured by the firm of Klein & Quenzer. There are many period photos and even several in this grouping, which show Harzer wearing a K&Q RK. This is noted very easily and identified by the thick donut shaped "ose" on the top frame of the award. The case for this award conforms to known period examples. It features black faux leather exterior which has rounded corners, and imprinted lid / side decorative lines. It is the proper 79mm in width,145mm in length, and 24mm in height. This case shows light wear and age, with the end portion of the top lid showing slight weakening but no separation. The interior lower compartment features recessed crushed black velvet which houses the award and the suspension loop. The upper portion holds the proper ribbon which is 17 inches in length. It appears cut on one end, as that removed section was most likely utilized in fastening the string ties, when Harzer wore the award with his uniform. As a matter of fact, that section of ribbon can be see in our listing of the funeral pillow displaying several of his medals, awards, and uniform insignia. The inside lid of the box is lined with padded rayon and extends to the lower portion creating the hinge for the 2 halves. The award itself is a stunning example of a Klein & Quenzer RK, in extremely beautiful condition. The baked flat black core displays a lighter smoke color and slight age. The ribbed inner bead and factory polished frame are absolutely gorgeous, and set off the highlights of this stunning RK. Shown just below the thick ose on the reverse, the frame is stamped 800. Finally, the ribbon jump ring is stamped 800 & 65. Indicating the silver content and LDO number, associated to the K&Q awards firm.


A fantastic cased Knight's Cross, purchased with and part of the Walter Harzer grouping. $18,150.00



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