Stunning Silver Wound Badge by Hauptmunzamt Wien - M375


Of all the award firms to produce wound badges during the 3rd Reich, nobody did it better than the ones marked 30, for the Hauptmunzamt company. I'm especially talking about the early tombac examples like this one, that you can sink your teeth into! At 34 grams, this silver wound badge is as nice as they get. The badge is uncleaned, with a fantastic natural silver finish and beautiful untouched patina over it's surface. The obverse detail of a helmet / swastika with crossed swords, is absolutely the best. On the reverse the proper pin, hinge, and catch are all in place. The badge comes with it's cased housing with simulated burgundy leather and matching velvet flocked interior. I look for these early 30 marked wound badges at the largest militaria venues, but rarely find them even there. Don't miss this super nice example! $395.00


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