State Service Flag 50 x 85 - F146


We've seen quite a bit of interest in 3rd Reich State Service flags in the last couple of years, but never more so than the examples which were used on U-boats and other small Nazi watercraft while moored in harbor. And that is exactly what this represents. As the title states, it is the smallest size that these flags came in, measuring 19" x 33", and perfect for display purposes. The material on this one is absolutely exceptional, and over the top. It is void of any snags, holes, tears, rips or anything else. With the exception that the veteran who brought this war trophy home, cut and removed the lanyard rope to free the flag from where ever it had been once tied. In light of that, the hoist enclosure strip is fully intact, and beautifully stamped with the maker, size, and Kreigsmarine eagle M. Yes the rope is gone, and part of this little flag's history. That aside, the material is absolutely stone mint, with vivid colors and killer lanyard strip stamps. $595.00


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