SS Visor Eagle by Wagner - I121


This SS visor eagle totally defies the preservation of later period examples, unlike the condition which collectors usually see. This is a zinc Wagner produced insignia, which is about as perfect as it gets. So much in fact that it almost looks like it was manufactured out of Aluminum. Zinc has a way of usually eroding the finishes on these visor emblems, and absorbing the paint into the metal. Not this one, as you can see that it's condition is totally outrageous. It has a couple speck missing finish on the obverse, and a little on the edges. But that's about it. On the reverse you can see that both fastening pins are factory attached to the cone fasteners, being void of any repairs. The RZM contract number SS 475/39 tells the collector that this visor eagle was manufactured by the Wagner insignia firm. A stunning war time produced SS visor cap eagle.  $995.00


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