SS Uniform Armband - C171


Offering an Allgemeine SS armband of the highest quality and condition. This example appears to be factory new, as there is no evidence of it ever having the ends sewn together. Manufactured in the normal 5 piece construction, the folded black fabric swastika is perfectly centered and symmetrical on the ribbed field of white. Both the upper and lower black trim pieces are reinforced, and line the top and bottom of the brassard. These stripes indicate that this armband was intended to be used with the black SS Allgemeine uniform and shown in many period photos. The red wool body is as about nice as you will find on one of these examples with just one minute speck of storage age only. This is the 2nd of two excellent SS armbands which we have presently listed on the site. Grab one, they don't get much better!   $595.00


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