SS Officer's Sword Knots - A333


Finding a nice knot for an SS officer's sword is hard enough. Finding an early minty one with a cloth tag about impossible to locate. In this listing we are offering 3 absolutely killer SS officer degen portapees, in the most fantastic condition you are apt to encounter. All are in exception condition, and complete in regards to fabric, runes, slide. strap, bullion, and tagged. And speaking of tagged, all 3 of these have the rare cloth RZM / SS labels, which are extremely desirable to have on these troddels. These knots that are found with cloth tags, were only manufactured this way for a short time. It was the years between 1935-37 that they were constructed in this fashion. Of the 3 in this listing, they are as follows; RZM 38/37, RZM 158/36, and RZM 158/37. All 3 of these troddels would be appropriate for an early SS officer's degen, and would stunning accoutrement to add to a sword. None finer, they are absolutely beautiful knots, each and every one.  $1595.00 each, your choice.


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