SS Officer's Belt Buckle by Overhoff - B144


These SS officer buckles have always garnered the attention of 3rd Reich collectors interest and here is a nice one in this offering. As normal for those produced by the Overhoff firm from 1936 onward, this buckle is constructed out of Aluminum throughout. Being as such, this base metal as expected is quite soft and usually prone to wear. In light of that, the one listed here displays exceptional detail to the obverse with a very minimal hint of age.  On the reverse side the pressed center section is firmly seated to the body of the buckle and hold the integral catch and prong bar fastener secure. The center is properly stamped SS RZM, 36/38, & OLC. Lastly, the right side bracket and prong bar completes this assembly. Usually these aluminum examples are quite bright in appearance. It's nice to have an uncleaned one for a change with natural patina look to it. A great display for your buckle or SS collection or to complete your belt rig.  $1550.00


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