SS High Command Pennant Eagle - C122


I've seen these eagles for over 30 years, and every one of them was a post war reproduction. You had to figure, that somewhere there must have been a real example, that the copies were based on. And in this listing, finally a real period SS high command vehicle pennant eagle, is what you are viewing. The backing material, unlike any reproduction, is of a unique cheese cloth type fabric. It is wavy cut on the left and right sides, very much like we see the un-issued tropical SS sleeve eagles. The 4 corners of this off white backing material, show residue of an adhesive. No doubt this rare SS pennant eagle was stuck in a vet's scrap book, that contained his war time memories. All of the bullion that comprises the eagle is machine sewn, and is fantastic! You just don't see a real example, of this rare SS eagle, offered to collectors all that often. And it is truly, one SS cloth item, that is missing from many advance collections. What a stunning display piece this would make for your collection. $750.00


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