SS General Walter Harzer Awards Grouping - WH100


All of the material in this grouping came together as you see it in these photos. For safe keeping as the walls came crashing down on Germany at the end of WWII, Walter Harzer had many of these awards and photos placed in a wooden box to be hidden at his home. That container was buried in the ground, underneath a garden area behind his house. Due to that fact, some of the material in these offerings has suffered some moisture damage. That aside, they are without a doubt some of the most historical awards and insignia being offered, and worn by a famous SS General as well as Knights Cross Winner. We will be offering 7 separate listings from this group. Make sure you check out all of the others.


In this first grouping is the velvet padded covered board used to display Walter Harzer's awards, uniform insignia, and Knights Cross ribbon. In period photos we see displays exactly like this, at funerals for fallen officers of notoriety and rank, high party officials, war heros, and others. This is believed to be the one which was displayed at Walter Harzer's funeral in 1982 and came with this grouping as shown.


Starting at the top left is a German Horseman's badge, Class I. It's considered a rather rare badge in itself. In the Angolia Political Award reference, there were only 210 of these ever given out! Harzer is seen in many period photos wearing this badge. No doubt he was very proud of it. I didn't wish to disturb this next award to look for the manufactures mark, because it has been pinned into this velvet pad and rather secure. So, I don't know the maker on this Iron Cross 1st Class. The black core is nicely toned, with beautiful patina which has covered the silver frame. The catch is intact on the reverse. In the top center is a photo of Walter Harzer wearing the rank insignia of SS Obersturmbannfuhrer on his tunic. He also wears a cloth German Cross in Gold, and an EKI. This was a photo probably taken right after operation "Marketgarden", as Harzer is also wearing his Knights Cross which he won during that campaign. To the right of the photo is an Eastern Front medal and a well worn Infantry Assault badge. The IAB is missing the catch. In the center of the funeral awards display pillow is 5" section of a Knights Cross ribbon. With the ribbon but not attached, is a 25" small white fabric strap, which has a 3" red center. This tie was used in conjunction with the ribbon, no doubt when Harzer wore his Knights Cross.  On the lower left is a set of Army Panzer shoulder boards which Harzer preferred over SS version. Many period photos show him wearing Heer panzer shoulder boards, especially during the last part of his military career. There is even a colored photo in one of the albums showing him in uniform wearing the same type of insignia. This set is constructed with pink backing, indicating being assigned to a panzer or armored vehicle group. Each board has 2 gold pips pinned through them. In the lower center of the display board is pinned a ribbon bar consisting of and EKII, Anschluss Commemorative medal, and Sudetenland campaign medal with bar. To the lower right of this ribbon bar is an EKII with ribbon. Finally, a second set of Heer Panzer shoulder boards. Once again each board shows 2 golden pips. Designating that Harzer wore these as he quickly rose through the ranks at the end of the war, being a Standartenfuhrer at the time.


There you have it, an absolutely rare grouping of awards and uniform insignia, pinned to the funeral display board of SS Standartenfuhrer Walter Harzer. An amazing set belonging to a truly famous SS General, and Knights Cross Winner!  $6600.00



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