SS 12yr Long Service Award by P&L - M370


While the higher grades of these SS long service awards may not be on the same monetary value level as a Knight's Cross, they are in fact 10x more rare than an RK. Produced for only 4 years during the 3rd Reich, these coveted awards were given out for 12 years loyalty and dedicated membership within the SS party.  The cross is a textbook example of the so called class II, manufactured by Petz & Lorenz awards company. P&L was only 1 of the 2 firms authorized to produce and distribute these awards. The badge features a large swastika with a wreath and SS runes on the obverse, and long service dedication on the reverse. Though the medal award shows some wear and age to the silver frosted finish on the surface, it still remains in very desirable and collectible condition. Attached to the upper eyelet is the proper cornflower blue ribbed ribbon, with silver hand embroidered SS runes. The ribbon is hand stitched and enclosed at the very top. A rare example of a 12 year SS long service award, with a lot of character. There are a ton of fakes of these badges on the market, here's your opportunity to grab the real deal! Absolutely guaranteed. $4495.00


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