Silver Tank Destruction Badge, Type I - A373


Awarded for single-handedly destroying an enemy tank or armored vehicle, these TDB had to be one of the most courageous and distinguished awards to have been presented during the 3rd Reich. Though established and introduced in 1942, the award for this incredibly dangerous act of valor was retroactive to a year prior, at the onset of the Eastern Front campaign. It consists of a bullion band of cloth, bordered by a black stripe both top and bottom, with a pinned tank representing a Panzer IV. Both that of the bullion and cloth borders are in excellent shape, and so is the highly detailed darkened metallic tank. The reverse shows a portion of the factory green mesh which had one time covered and protected the metal pin securing plate. All 3 pins are still intact and solid.  This tank destruction strip shows light wear and age, and most definitely sewn to a war hero's uniform at one time. Get yourself a real one!   $850.00


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