SA Uniform Cross Strap - B131


This is an accoutrement which is about impossible to find anywhere. It is an early 20's cross strap for an SA soldier's uniform. All of the leather is in excellent condition throughout, and still retains a nice original period brown dye to the hide. Both the adjusting buckle and steel slide and present, and work just fine. What makes this cross strap different than 99.9% of what is normally seen, are the clips. On the raised boss circles which are usually blank, this set of clips has raised swastikas in that area. You will only see this on the very early manufactured cross straps, which are extremely rare to locate. The plating on the clips as shown, exhibit wear and age. The all important raised swastikas, are still very detailed in their relief design. A very desirable early SA uniform cross strap, seldom if ever encountered. $400.00


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