Rare Hunting Staff Car Pennant of Fritz Reiner - F141


This grouping consists of the super rare 3rd Reich car pennant which was flown on the vehicle of the commander in charge of the Deutsches Jaeger Bavarian district of Eichstatt, who's rangers were entrusted to protect Germany's hunting rules and wildlife. The green mesh fabric remains in excellent condition, behind the original period plastic weather protector in which it lies. While the protector has yellowed and cracked at the reinforced metal eyelets, the pennant itself remains in excellent condition. Double sided and machine embroidered, both obverses and reverse show the Deutsches Jaeger stag skull, with  a starburst Nazi swastika centered between the animal's antlers. Below it is the title " Kreisjagermeister - Eichstatt. This indicated that the pennant was used on the staff vehicle by the commander of and hunting master in charge of the Bavarian district of Eichstatt. Surrounding and enclosing the pennant is the period weather protector. As mentioned, the plastic has cracked at the edge and yellowed over the years, but all is still held fast by the reinforced black leather border. Accompanying this pennant is the 1935-36 yearbook for the DJ hunting association. On page 240 where the various district commanders are listed, we see the name Fritz Reiner who was in charge of the Eichstatt region. Which is exactly what is embroidered on the pennant. This pennant is very rare D.J. staff car example, of which I can't remember seeing another. But with the period year book which comes with it, makes this grouping even more exciting and historic. This exact banner can be see along with the lager flag which we also have listed on our site, on page 584 of the Schiffer Publishing reference Sports and the Third Reich; History, Uniforms, Insignia and Awards.  $1300.00


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