Radio Operator/Air Gunner Badge by Assmann - M339


If there were ever a Radio Operator/Air Gunner badge to have for your collection, this be the one! Struck in heavy Tombak with a blackened eagle upon a silver wreath, this is the most gorgeous Assmann AG/RO that I have ever seen. Assembled with the proper rivets, catch, hing & pin, everything on this badge is super tight. Additionally, the patina which has developed over it's surface is absolutely stunning! As an added little display, a pocket from of an Afrika Corps light weight tunic is also included in this set, making for a neat background. These proficiency badges were awarded to aircrew member who flew a minimum of 5 combat missions over enemy territory, in Germany's reign of terror during WWII. This Assmann Radio / Gunner's badge is truly a beauty. $875.00  RESERVED


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