Political Leaders Cold Weather Rabbit Fur Cap - HCH137


This cap is exactly as it came from the veteran, with a large stash of other items which we will be listing. It is your standard design comprised of a lighter gray & black rabbit fur, sewn to field grade German tunic type material. The ear flaps are tied up over the top and secure in place. All of the stitching to include that in the liner is 100%, as I seriously doubt that this cap was worn that much. The maker's name and address is ink stamped in the top of the lining, although it came out a little blurred when this was initially done by the factory. A beautiful silver frosted Political eagle is affixed to the front of the cap, and is hidden by the fur surrounding it. It's hard to tell from the photos, but the eagle still retains about 90% of it's stunning original surface finish. A beautiful condition cold weather cap, with a stunning political eagle.  $495.00


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