Police M43 Cap, Green Piped - H134


Offering a very nice Police M43 cap in excellent condition. The exterior mottled green wool shows just light age overall, and void of any rips, tears, or holes. At the left hand side of the cap on the ear flap, there actually looks like there could have been a Mountain Troops patch or metal insignia, that may have been on this M43 at one time. There are 4 small stitches in that area, which give the outline appearance of an Edelweiss. In the photos you can see the proper 2 metal air vent grommets, mounted just above the flaps. The top of the cap is nicely piped in green, being void of any mothing. At the front, 2 pebbled buttons hold the ear flaps secure to each other. Directly above this area is the one piece woven police eagle   with cockade. It has been hand stitched to the cap. The interior of this M43 is as nice as the outside, showing light wear and age consistent with being actually being used during the period. This cap is ink stamped "55" designating the size, on the top section. All of the stitching both inside and out is extremely nice, and sound throughout. Truly a good looking Police M43 cap for the money.  $595.00


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