Personalized SS Officer's Sword - D543


The official SS Fuhrer's degen of 1936 was truly an awarded honor sword, which was not afforded to be bestowed to all soldiers despite holding the rank of an officer. The requirements were very specific and limited to those of high ranking stature, and or in special assignments / leadership held within the SS. Additionally, it came with a certificate which was signed by the Reichsfuhrer himself, as being such a special award. This is an untouched personalized example, with certainly with a lot of appeal. Have a look.


As most edged weapon enthusiasts know, the grips on these early swords were quite fragile. The circular recessed area where the SS runes button lies, and the fact that this emblem was pinned through the actual tang of the blade, contributed to many chipped and damaged grips that we often see. One little pop on the end of the pommel, often times took a chunk out of a ribbed section section of the handle, or created chipping around the SS runes. It truly is a pleasure to offer one of these early swords which doesn't show that type of damage, as the grip on this hilt has survived in beautiful condition. It is void of any chipping, splitting, nicks, or anything else. These early SS grips were painted with a black enamel during production. Like the wood itself, this coating was considerably fragile as well. That black covering on this handle has held up amazingly well, and still rates at a solid 85%. So many of these grips have been touched up over the years, but this one remains all original with a good portion of that black lacquer intact. Adding to that, the silver decorative wire on this handle is all in place, and remains tight to the wood. The SS runes button is a beauty! It has turned dark with an undisturbed patina which has developed over the last 80 some years. In relief, the SS runes stand out against the factory black burnishing which rates 100% in the background of the lighting bolts. Like the runes button, the lower / upper ferrules and hand guard are encrusted with a dark green patina over their surfaces. As proper for an early SS degen, the bottom of the crossguard is nicely stamped with the SS Kulturzeichen proof.  The upper fitting is called the "built in step", where it is an integral part of the upper D guard. Into that fitting is the pommel. You can see how it has turned darker than the crossguard. Evidently this component as well has the lower ferrule have more of a silver content in them, and the reason that they have toned differently. On that pommel cap are the engraved initials, "H.P." Under the pommel you can see the factory pressure cap which covers the end of the blade tang. This cap coupled with the fact that the SS runes button is pinned through the tang, virtually makes these early degens impossible to take down or disassemble. An absolutely fantastic grip and hilt assembly on this early SS Fuhrerdegen.


The scabbard to this sword is in excellent condition. It remains fairly straight overall, with the slight usual small dog leg toward the tip section. For a degen carried as much as this one appears to have been, it truly is pretty decent. The untouched black factory enamel remains at 90%. I would have to estimate that at least 30% of these early SS officer degen scabbards have been touched up at some time. Either to keep the spit and polish SS image during the period, or post war to make the shell more presentable. Not this one, as that is all period factory enamel which you see on this shell. The lower fitting is the "pressed on" type, void of any screws. The upper with the Wotan's knot basket weave pattern is held firm with 2 dome head screws. Like the SS runes button in the grip, the burnishing in the background of the weave pattern is all period and has not been touched up either. As the pebbling to these areas is light, most of the time this factory applied application wore thin. You can see in the photos that this one has held up nicely. As with the stamp on the lower D guard, the lip of this scabbard fitting has been stamped with the SS proof mark. A wonderful untouched shell to this sword.


Finally the blade. Like everything else, it's virtually untouched. For the most part it is straight with the same slight wave toward the tip end. This probably happened at the same time the scabbard was tweaked a little. In lieu of that, the blade is full length, and properly matches that of the scabbard. It does show some light staining, a minuscule tap to the tip, and light overall age, but void of any cutting edge ticks, sharpening, or pitting. This is a nice long blade at a little over 32", with an over all in the scabbard length of 39". This unmarked matte blade remains unpolished and uncleaned, just like the rest of this untouched sword. Up against the butt plate the original off white leather blade washer remains in place where it has always been. And finally the SS officer who owned and wore this degen stamped his last name initial on both sides of the riccasso, P. A fine blade to an absolutely virgin condition degen.


  As this sword is an early version 1936 model, we did some research on the possible owner of this edged weapon. Going through the 1935 Dienstalterlist of SS officers, we drew out every name who's first initial began with H, and the last with a P. Using the "Key". we cross referenced those names and their SS numbers over to the 1936 DL. Of the 38 names found in the DL list who's initials were "H.P.", we were able to eliminate 34 of them because the individuals had not received the SS honor sword during the year 1936. But we did end up with 4 names in our research. 3 of which were heavy hitter within the SS. Here's the list:


Harrh Polemacz ??? unknown

Hermann Priess, Brigadefuhrer, Knight's Cross/ Oak Leaves / Swords winner

Heinrich Petersen, Obersturmbannfuhrer, Knight's Cross winner

Hans Prutzmann, Obergruppenfuhrer, DKiG winner


Could this had been the SS officer's sword owned by Priess, Petersen, or Prutzmann? Who knows. Perhaps further research of the living family members of the above names, could reveal it's owner. If it can be nailed down, this degen certainly then becomes more of a historic piece, than it is already.


Uncleaned, untouched, unadulterated, a fantastic personalized early nickel SS officer's degen!  $7495.00 Price Reduced to $6495.00   RESERVED



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