Minty Navy Dagger Belt - B138


This is virtually the best Kreigsmarine dagger belt that I have ever encountered, let alone seen. The dark blue/black rayon felt back material is like new, void of any mothing, tears, rips or imperfections. Likewise the leather adjuster strap with the proper 6 sets of holes remains nearly factory perfect. The holes show evidence that the prong bar has been in them, so this ensemble must have been worn at some time during the period. It's hard to believe, because the entire set displays just light storage if anything at all. The belt hardware is complete with both slide keepers as well. And the best part, the heavy brass gilded buckle and 2 lion head chain medallions are as bright as new minted gold coins! If you have a minty Kreigs dagger and hangers, this is the belt rig to complete your set. An absolutely stellar and gorgeous navy belt and buckle assembly!  $695.00


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