Minty EKI by W&L - M364


Offering a cased Iron Cross 1st class manufactured by the Rudolf Wachtler & Lang awards firm. This EK I is of the highest quality and condition, with a fantastic blackened brass core rating nearly 100%. The outrageous frosted frame is right up there compared to the famous Deumers and Mayers examples, which collectors love to collect. The same is true of the matte silver coating shown on the reverse of the badge. It's as nice as you'll find with one of these awards. This is the 1st Type example made by this company and shows their very typical pin, hinge, and catch set up, being void of any maker marks. This badge is housed in it's original issue case which it came in. All of the leather is in very good condition, showing extremely light age, and with the embossed Iron Cross symbol in silver on the lid. Other than the knee flap holding the 2 halves together, the flocking and satin material remains in real decent condition as well. An excellent example of this coveted WWII German military award. I highly recommend this one, it's a beauty! $795.00


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