Mint Cased EKI by Deumer - M374


When it comes to the 100 plus manufactures of the Iron Cross 1st class, 3 names automatically rise to the top when referencing stunning beautiful quality. Those are: B.H. Mayers,  Wilhelm Deumer, & Wachtler and Lange. Well check out this Deumer.


The case to this EKI is in like new condition, showing barely so much as a scuff. As normal, it is covered in simulated black leather and a pressed silver cross on the lid. It's interior show off white flocking material in near perfect condition, even to include the white cardboard border. These inserts are normally lightly glued to the lower compartment but sometimes come loose. It can be easily re-tacked again in a second with a dab of adhesive. I've left this to the next owner, as it really doesn't hurt anything the way that it is. The upper half of the lid is white satin and extends to the lower compartment of the box forming the hinge. That upper portion contains the manufactures name, Wilhelm Deumer K.G., Ludenscheid. Now for the cross, it is an absolutely stunning example in ever respect. Honestly needs no other description to add to what the photos show. Like the case, this EK is like new! On the reverse is the contract number for the Deumer awards firm, L/11. For the collector who absolutely demands the best, look no further!  $975.00



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