Mini Hirschfanger - D253


Once and a while we get the privilege of handling/offering up a unique item that you just don't see every day. Before the 3rd Reich period edge weapons were still produced as presentation pieces and by some of the top edge weapons craftsman. Organizations that utilized decorative edge weapons were the hunting organizations of Germany. These organizations were similar to today's country clubs where the elite would be members for personal or professional benefit. But when it came to ordering/purchasing such great edge weapons often the purchaser needed to see an example. This is one of the top examples of a salesman's example of a Hunting Hirschfanger dagger.


One of the best parts about Hirschfangers is the hilt assembly. With a stag grip these daggers are all unique, as no two stags are the same. Sometimes we see acorn emblems inserted in the grip, however this being a mini limits the amount of space that acorn emblems could have been inserted. At the top the pommel is a nickel silver base with decorative design. Also being made of nickel silver is the crossguard and clamshell. The crossguards contain a similar design to that of pommel while the clamshell has a deer scene playing out. The detail that went into just the hilt assembly is truly amazing but the best is yet to come.


Moving on to the scabbard and in the 3rd Reich edge weapons we just don't see this kind of detail in scabbards. The silver fittings are held firmly in place. What really separates this scabbard from others is the detailed deer scene that is portrayed on the lower fitting. The buck has a great black forest looking rack that any hunter would have been proud to shoot. Wrapped around the center of the scabbard is beautiful almost untouched leather. Not to mention there is not any dents or bends anywhere to be found.


The Crème de la Crème of this mini hunting dagger is the blade. Yet again these hunting daggers were over the top with detail. Etched on the blade is a wonderful hunting scene. On the obverse of the blade are two hunting dogs on the hunt for the bucks that are etched on the reverse. The plating on the blade has held up very will and the blade has no sharpening marks. This is a very desirable mini Hirschfanger dagger in wonderful condition. $1425.00



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