M35 Double Decal Luft Helmet - SE - H161


Offering a decent M35 double decal manufactured by the Emailler helmet firm. The bluish-green exterior paint remain in excellent condition, and has taken on an undisturbed matte appearance of a helmet that has never been cleaned or polished. The factory paint certainly remains at 90% or better, showing just light abrasions. On the left side the eagle transfer displays some age and wear, yet still remains fairly strong and uniformly centered. The same is true of the nation decal on the opposite side. On the inside the skirt is stamped with this helmet firm's letters "SE66", with a lot number of 1617. The reinforced aluminum band is in good condition, and void of any misshaping. All 3 rivets are straight, and complete with their corresponding washers.  While the leather shows age and darkening, it remains supple with all 8 fingers intact. The drawstring is the one that this helmet came with, though it's a little thicker and possibly looks to be a replacement. The chinstrap is folded over the brim and shaped with age, of how it has lain for all of these years. It is full length, maker stamped, and equip with aluminum rivets and buckle. A nice looking M35 double decal Luft. $1495.00


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