Luftwaffe Officer's Brocade & Buckle Rig - B145


This set is an early brocade set up for a Luftwaffe officer. It consists of the 34" bullion mesh belt displaying a thin red fabric line flanked by 2 wider gray stripes, all running parallel from end to end. On the reverse side it is lined with a blue/gray wool showing 8 adjustment grommets. Basically there is just one small imperfection to the lining material where it has worn. Also one of the reinforce metal grommets is gone to time. While both vertical sliding keepers are present, one has come unglued from it's backing material. This is a simple 2 minute fix, if the next owner wishes to do so. A beautiful die struck nickel silver buckle completes this set. The silver wash and pinned gold gilt droop tail Luft eagle are nicely toned, with an undisturbed patina which has never been cleaned nor polished. A nice early Luft officer's belt rig, not all that often encountered.  $450.00


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