Luft Flak Badge, Unmarked Brehmer - M265


One of the most impressive qualification awards produce during the 3rd Reich, was the Luftwaffe Flak Badge. With that big ole 88mm gun raised in a firing position, and the Luftwaffe eagle soaring above, it is such a stunning and awesome badge in every respect. It wasn't too many years ago I couldn't get enough of these awards for my own personal collection. I only collected the Tombac early versions, which this example is. The piece has a gorgeous patina that has developed over it's entire surface, and displays exceptionally as you can observe. With the proper style of Brehmer hinge, pin and catch, this badge is all complete. Although not stamped, it is Brehmer quality and characteristics, without a doubt. I've pictured it next to the marked example that we also have listed in this award section. Grab this one, grab the other one, better yet, grab both of them! You'll be hooked as I was.   $375.00 each.


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