Large Kreigsmarine Flag by Liebieg - F144


This is an absolutely killer Kreigs flag, which looks about new. It is 150 x 250  (60" x 100") which is the size used for vessels 10,000 ton and larger. The early material on this flag is absolutely fantastic, with vivid colors throughout. It is void of any fraying, stains, or tears, with just very few very minor pin holes due to age. Look at the lanyard rope! It's bright white and like new, being factory complete with small twine lashing at the end of the large section. All of the edges are properly reinforced, including the square patches abutting the lanyard strip. The enclosure is Kreigsmarine stamped, with also the size on one side. The other with the beautiful stamping of the Czech manufacture. This is an absolutely stunning large battle flag in every respect! I usually try to straighten the wrinkles out of the flags a little before photographing them, but the size of this one on my deck surely would have aroused the neighbors, not to mention the authorities too!  $875.00


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