Large Gold Party Badge by Deschler - M368


In October of 1933 Hitler signed a decree stating that all individuals who had uninterrupted membership in the NSDAP from the time of February 1925 shall be awarded the highly revered Goldenes Parteiabzeichen. This was a very important award as only the first 100,000 persons would have the distinguished honor to possess and wear these special party badges.


This GPB is the 30.5mm size example which was designated to be worn with one's military or official political uniform. It is in absolutely fantastic condition showing the proper 9 fire gilded oak leaves running down each side of the obverse, culminating at a ribbon bow at the base. This gold finish has held up amazingly well, as this badge was well taken care of and no doubt cherished by it's owner. All of the enamel is smooth and glossy, in exceptional condition. Displaying just a couple of very minor ticks to the surface. The translucent red band remain very vivid in color, with excellent silvering to the National - Sozialistische DAP party letters. On the reverse is shown the patent pending letters; GES. GESCH. light pressed above the pin. With the pin plate showing the Deschler company name and address across it in the proper known form. The pin plate is firmly in place, has not been reattached like many that we often see, and holds the pin in an outward upright fashion. Finally the party number 63609 is shown rotograved below the vent hole at the base of the badge. Though the identity of the owner has not been identified to this badge as of yet, it is one of the finest condition Golden Party Badges that we have ever had the pleasure of offering. This one is a beauty!   $1950.00



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