Large Format SS Photo - P149


Finding a period large formatted SS photo is a challenge enough in itself. But locating a period colorized example, is really something that is extra special. This period framed photo of a well decorated veteran SS Rottenfuhrer or junior squad leader, is absolutely fantastic! First of all it is colorized. This was a special process performed on a photo to bring life into a picture, before color film was in it's infancy. It portrays a youthful looking SS trooper in his beautiful decorated uniform, and so much more. On his tunic collar are the tabs of the SS organization of whom he is a veteran fighter for. The right tab is a standard pattern SS runes. The left one is showing a single stripe between 2 litzens. His shoulder boards are the usual EM examples, with button downs and white striped. Moving down his uniform is the ribbon in the 2nd button hole of his tunic, denoting the winning of the 2nd class Iron Cross award. Above his left breast pocket is a double ribbon bar which is red. Very likely this was for his service on the Eastern Front, and also his EKII. On the pocket of his tunic is the proficiency award of the Infantry Assault badge, and also what appears to be a silver wound badge. Moving to his left shoulder is an embroidered SS sleeve eagle, and double chevron which also denoted his SS rank. And now his cap. You can see the jaunty shape that he formed with it, by most likely removing the stiffener. And then there is the white piping and chinstrap which is very clear in this photo. Above the strap is the 1936 and later 2nd style totenkopf in the center band of his visor. But look at the eagle! Yes, the eagle that his SS trooper wore on his visor is a Heer example, clearly shown in this photo. It's amazing of how much we've learned about this SS fighter, just from the beautiful amount of insignia and awards that are seen in this single photo. This rare photo come in a 16" x 14" period wood frame. It is nailed together in the corners, paper tape sealed on the reverse, and has an old style square metal hanger at the top. An absolutely fantastic and rare, colorized large format period SS photo.  $400.00


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