Hunting Association Stickpin - M328


Compared to the Imperial years and before, collectors don't see all that much in the way of Hunting Association material,  produced during the actual 3rd Reich era. After all, the country was gearing up for war from about 1936 onward. This is a fantastic looking Deutches Jaeger stick pin, with absolutely outstanding detail and finish. The pin displays the German Hunting Association's logo which is the head of a stag with up swept antlers, and a sun-ray / swastika overhead. On the rocker panel aside the centered oak leaves, is the engraved date, 1938. As far as Nazi stick pins go, this is a fairly large example at about 21mm, roughly 3/4 of an inch. Lastly, it is equip with a proper knurled pin, with the reverse is marked Ges.Gesch. Fantastic finish and detail on this DJ stick pin.  $195.00


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