Horseshoe Army Hanger - A245


One of the most desirable hangers that you can add to an Army dagger are the early Horseshoe style. With a heavy horseshoe shaped metal hanger at the top, they are just a heafty hanger. The top is also decorated with an oak branch design. The reverse side of the horseshoe is marked D.R.G.M and has a neat pebbled texture design. Each bullion straps is riveted in place and the bullion stitching is on these is just exceptional with no lose threads and bright color. At the bottom of the straps are the buckles and pull down clips. Both are still fully functional and the clips have proper tension in the pull down springs. And take a good look at how much of the frosted finish is still intact. It is just rare enough to find these hangers but in this condition is just even more of a treat. On the reverse, the velvet is very supple with minimal to no wear at all. Add these to your Army dagger and you'll be happy you did.  $250


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