Hitler Wood Carving - G181


Nazi era items of art are always fascinating collectibles, especially since many of these creations are one off pieces. And none more so as the beautiful wood carvings which we see from time to time. In this offering we present a period wood carving of Hitler, exhibited in a right side portrait of the Fuhrer. This 19" x 19" skillfully executed carving came with a little bit of background history when we received it. It seems that it was discovered about 6 years back, during the renovation of a hotel in Austria. Hidden by a plaster encasement which was located in the bar area of the hotel, workers discovered this carving in the interior of the wall. Apparently the carving was right behind the area where the bar keep would serve customers, during the infamous 3rd Reich era. When all came crashing down for Germany at the end of the war, the carving was simply covered up and entumbed where it remained hidden for the next half of century.


I must say that the vivid likeness of the Fuhrer is uncanny, and a actually a bit spooky propped on my desk as I write this description. The background is scalloped out with a neat pattern of light and dark tones all the way through. The details of the Fuhrer's facial features and hair are very well executed, when compared to period photos of him. His eyebrow, mustache, part in his hair, jaw line, all expertly done by the hand of a master wood carver and reproduced in relief. The inside border around the carving is actually part of the sculpture. It was probably trimmed at the base in order to retrieve it from it's resting place within the wall. Around the outside is a contemporary frame in which the carving has been placed, in order to wall hang and display it. The paper backing as shown in the photos, has a tear and some damage to it. Finally, on the lower right hand side of the carving is the initials of the individual who accomplished this truly fantastic caricature of the Fuhrer, HP.   A very unique and skillful, probably one of a kind Hitler carving of this type.  $1875.00



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