Ground Rohm SS Honor Dagger by Herder - D508


If you've been awaiting a minty early SS dagger, you won't even need to read the description on this one. Because the pictures tell the story. This one is a beauty! Have a gander.


As hard as it is to get a nice grip on any SS dagger, it doesn't get any better than the one seen here. I hate to use this term, but it is "textbook" R.A. Herder, all the way. With that slender profile and sharp spinal ridge, the SS daggers manufactured by this firm are unmistakable. Void of any chips, splits, hair line crack or anything else, the handle to this M33 is outrageous! It has retained a nice black color throughout, and is about as nice of grip that you are ever apt to see on any SS dagger. Just below the center line, the high neck silver eagle holding the national swastika symbol, is near perfect as the day it was place into this beautiful grip. Likewise, the same is true of the SS runes button. The enamel is in wonderful condition, and so is the silvering to the lighting bolts and decorative dual circles. This maker was very well known for the precision fit of their handles to the crossguards, and this one exemplifies that as well. Both of these nickel crossguards are extremely smooth, with the lower reverse one district stamped with a Roman numeral I. I'm telling ya, when it comes to the hilt on an SS dagger, it doesn't get much better than the one shown on this beauty!


Always a challenge on any 33 is the scabbard. After all, it's the component that usually took the brunt of hits, scrapes, and oxidation. Well, the shell to this edged weapon is as nice as they come. Although little remains of protective lacquer which clings to a couple surface spots, the actual factory bluing on this scabbard is a killer! It's dark, it's smooth, it's gorgeous, and it's damn near perfect. Void of any hits, creases, bumps, or anything else, this is probably one of the finest scabbards that I have ever seen on any early SS dagger. The nickel fitting both top and bottom are in good condition, with just light age overall. 4 untouched dome head screws hold the hardware in place, and solid to the shell. Even the ball on the bottom chape is nearly 100% on this scabbard. Something that is about unheard of on these early SS daggers. Around the upper part of this scabbard is an early coffin shape vertical hanger. I've not removed it, as period leather is always fragile. But without a doubt it is SS and RZM marked / dated. This hanger is equip with an Assmann marked nickel clip, which is stamped on the reverse. It's interesting, this hanger has actually been installed on the scabbard in an opposite than normal fashion. In other words, the carrying ring is on the left hand side, and not the right. This is something that I see from time to time, and have left it just as it is. A fantastic scabbard, in every sense of the word.


The blade.... gorgeous! It is full length, drawn to a needle sharp tip, and is about as flawless as they come. Void of any pitting, sharpening, chips or staining, it's an absolutely killer blade. The obverse has a beautiful crossgrain which runs the full length, from crossguard to tip. In lieu of the fact that the reverse has been fully ground to include taking out the maker's logo, it was factory re-polished and then re-crossgrained. It is a beautiful and stunning job, accomplished with the utmost precision and skill. Etched down the middle of the obverse the motto reads; Meine Ehre heist Treue. It is the darkest burnished etch that I've ever seen on an SS dagger by this manufacture. Just beautiful! Although the trademark is gone due to the complete professional grind to the reverse of this blade, the hilt characteristics of the crossguards and tell tale features of the handle, point to no other that the R.A. Herder as the manufacture of this gorgeous blade.


Treat yourself one beautiful early M33 SS dagger. I guarantee you, no disappointments. $5495.00



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