Flak Marked M35 Double Decal Luft by Quist - H159


Offering an excellent M35 double decal Luftwaffe helmet in very nice condition. The exterior paint while showing average wear, displays a nice combat look to it. It's not been polished, cleaned, nor lacquered, and remains in a muted feldgrau color. As many collectors are aware of, it's tough to get a Q Luft helmet that retains a decent eagle transfer. For what ever reason, many times this firms decals were quite prone to wear and age. As shown, the eagle decal on this helmet has held up extremely nice, with the factory lacquer giving it a beautiful gold tone. On the right side the same is pretty much true for the the national shield. As shown, it has some light flaking mainly confined to the edge portions. On the inside the skirt is stamped Q66, with a lot number 194. There is also an ink stamp in the dome which looks to be some type of air protection flak unit. Completing this helmet is a decent original leather liner with all 8 fingers intact, as well as draw string, and early chin strap dated 1938. All of the rivets and corresponding washer are intact, and are untouched. $1695.00


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