Eickhorn Field Marshall Series, Roon Pattern - D182



This is an excellent example of a Eickhorn Field Marshall Sword that is in very desirable condition. Within the original Eickhorn sales catalog this sword was considered the #1716 Roon Pattern. The hild of this sword is in wonderful condition displaying bright gold gild and dark black grips. Constructed of celluloid over wood the grip is in almost like new. around the grip are metal channels that hold decorative spun wire tightly wrapped. The back strap on the grip displays an oak leaf and acorn design. There is some minor wear to gild near the top but nothing that really detracts from the true beauty of this sword. Moving on to the 'p' shaped hand guard it too has been tooled with with an oak leaf and acorn design. As we move down the hilt, we finally come to the crossguard. On both sides are acorns that run the entire length. Centered on the obverse is the shield with oak leaf while the reverse is blank.


This top notch Field Marshall's sword is no doubt a great looking sword and the scabbard condition doesn't disappoint either. With 98% of the original Eickhorn factory paint the scabbard shell is straight as an arrow with no folds, bends, or dents. As you would like to see the sword itself slides like butter in to the shell. There is just not much more to say about the condition of this scabbard.


A gorgeous high quality constructed 29" plated blade finishes out the sword. When looking for a blade on a sword this one is about as nice as it gets. Full length and unsharppened it is always a pleasure to find a blade in this condition.  On the reverse of the blade is the famous makers mark of an Eickhorn squirrel holding a sword. This 1935-41 makers mark is cleanly centered with a blade washer under the crossguard. Looking over the entire blade it is safe to say that this blade would be difficult to upgrade from. And to top of such a wonderful sword, it comes with a period brown felt storage bag that too is in perfect condition. These bags alone can run around $500. Don't miss out on this chance to own a top of the line Eickhorn Field Marshal's sword.  $1245.00



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