Early SS Vertical Hanger - A134


If ever there was a special vertical hanger for and SS dagger, this has to be it. I've seen just a very few of these in brown for SA's, but this is absolutely the first for an SS dagger that I've ever come across. A similar example that is accompanied with actual factory drawings, can be seen in Ralf Siegert's wonderful reference, Service Daggers of the SS. This very unique SS vertical hanger is constructed with black dyed leather, that remains quite supple after nearly 70 years. The lower portion of this hanger, is designed to fit neatly up against the arc of the upper scabbard fitting. Holding the hanger to the scabbard, is the small belt strap complete with a square buckle. Just like the lower portion of the hanger, the strap is firmly riveted to the body of the vertical. This small fastening belt has been manufactured with a slot in the middle of it, that will accompany the little ring soldered to the top fitting of the scabbard. This slot is completely by design, and not just a simple cut in the leather.  Completing the hanger at the top, is a folded section of the leather that retains a plated belt clip. On the reverse of the clip can be seen the patten pending letters, D.R.G.M. All of the components are fastened with black rivets that are period. A beautiful and extremely rare black vertical hanger, that someone is going to love in their collection. I doubt that I'll see another. $895.00


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