Early Nickel SS Buckle - B105


These early nickel SS buckles are always a crowd pleaser, but none more than an example that is untouched. This buckle is exactly the way that the vet brought it home, as you can see nearly 70 years of undisturbed patina that has built up on it's nickel surface. It is an early Overhoff example, and stamped on the reverse, " O & C ges. gesch." Everything is nice and tight on the buckle to include, spindle, prong bar and belt keeper. The buckle has some slight misshaping to it off the right wing of the eagle.....but what the hell, it went through WWII :) The detail is wonderful on this example, and no doubt it was stamped early before the company's die wore down where we see the eagles head flattened somewhat. Unpolished, untouched, with a load of character.  $650.00

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