Early Allgemeine SS Y Straps & D Rings - B136


Though have a couple of the early single SS uniform straps in the past, this is the first occasion that I have run across an actual set of Y straps. This set came out of a veteran trunk recently with a handful of other items, all being SS related. The leather is brittle on this set, but certainly can be reconditioned using Renaissance Wax or similar quality product. When these straps were removed from the trunk, literally one front section of the pair, dropped off of the large D ring swivel. On that same section which is not connected, the leather is almost worn through at the adjusting buckle. Certainly a leather worker could help restore both of these issues. As this unit is a super early assembly, the front retaining clips have the embossed swastikas to their design. You rarely ever see this early clip format, as it was only manufactured in this fashion for a short time during the 20's. Attached to the front clips are 2 D rings which were meant for the soldier's tunic belt to pass through. The reverse yolk leather section being the same.There you have it. It needs a couple areas of attention, but man what a super rare early set of Allgemeine SS Y straps, dating to the early formation of this party.  $375.00


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