Deluxe Leather Top Luft Hanger - A251


Here is a hard luft hanger to come across with the leather tops. All the hardware, on this set of Luft Hangers, is considered to be deluxe as it is all decorated with oak branches with leafs and acorns. At the top of the hanger are two leather tabs holding the straps to the top hanger. The leather is in wonderful condition with no cracks and still supple and sewn firmly in place. Attached are two bullion straps with velvet backs that are like new with no moth holes. This hanger is the shorter version of hangers. Finally pull down decorative clips top of this hanger. Both have proper tention still left in them. Overall this hanger displays very well with only light wear. A great set of 2nd model Luft Officer dagger hangers. $245.00


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