Chain Assembly for Type A M36 SS - D521


With the publishing of Ralf Siegert's reference on Service Daggers of the SS, collectors were now given a timeline of the different varieties of chains associated with the M36 dagger. For many years we just had the terminology, Type I and Type II, when referring to SS chain daggers. Ralf further broke this down into a new terms which he labeled Types A, B, & C, and even subsequent subcategories of those variations. The Type A chain shown in his reference, was determined to be the forerunner of the new hanger that Himmler approved for SS daggers, in August of 1936.


At times we will see an M36 dagger that is missing the chain hanger. This is nearly an impossible component to locate, as many collectors and dealers can attest to. Occasionally, there may be an offering of a couple of links here or there for sale. Or if one is lucky, sometimes a complete later steel chain assembly might be found. But the chances of finding one of these all nickel Type A chains, would be compared to the proverbial needle in a hay stack.


In this offering is an extremely rare and complete nickel chain assembly, for an early Type A M36 SS scabbard.The set consists of all 6 alternating skull and SS rune links, and the Wotan's knot clip. The links still retain decent burnishing in the backgrounds, which many times is missing from this type of chain configuration. The strike to these Type A links, is absolutely fantastic as you can see! Viewing the features of the skulls, teeth, septum and more, reveals extraordinary detail in all. The very thick SS runes with fine pebbled backgrounds, are unique characteristics of these Type A chains, not seen in the other varieties. For the burnishing to have held up as well as it has on this particular type of chain, is quite rare in itself. The reverse of the links are extremely flat and smooth. Lightly stamped on the 2nd link of the upper span, is the intertwined runes of the Kulturzeichen SS culture proof mark. An absolute fantastic, all complete, early SS scabbard chain assembly.


All of the original connectors are present between the links, being void of repairs. Admittedly this is an expensive item but I seriously doubt that there is another one of these available anywhere on the planet. $3495.00


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