Cased NSDAP 25 Year Faithful Service Medal - M263


Given out for 25 years of Faithful Service, this award is still in great condition. The cross is finished in silver and maintains much of its original frosting. On the obverse of the badge is an enamel black swastika with an oak leaf wreath and cross. Reverse the badge and the German words 'for Faithful Service' are present. Attached at the top is an original bright blue ribbon secured by a ring. A safety pin style pin is firmly sewn to the ribbon.


This one will display quite nicely in anyone’s collection and as a bonus it comes with an original box. On the face of the box is a cog wheel and a 25 embossed in silver. Lining the box is red felt and the box is neatly separated into two so that the ribbon and medal are separated. Lining the case is a red felt which is in good condition void any major issues. $125.00


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