Cased Mother's Cross by Zimmermann - M348


It's surprising the amount of work which went into manufacturing the Nazi era Mother's Cross', especially the cased gold versions. The blue simulated leather on this case is in excellent condition, all the way around. And for a nice change, the gold stenciled imprint of the award on the cover still remains nearly new. When closed the lid and base of the box are just slightly warped, in that the 2 surfaces show a slight separation. On the inside, the off white flocking containing the award is in good shape, as is the lid interior fabric which is inked with the manufacture, C.R. Zimmermann. The knee joint fabric covering the hinge has frayed a little over the years. The gold cross award is in decent condition, with beautiful bright gilt and blue / white enamel which remains unchipped. This award is complete with it's original full length ribbon.  $135.00


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