Cased LDO EKI - M236


This Iron Cross 1st Class may not have a lot going for it but it does come with some bells and whistles. Looking over the obverse of this EKI the black core has been painted. It is hard to tell how long it has been painted for but when ever it was painted it was done very well and appears to be pretty old paint. The outer frame has taken on a nice patina. On the reverse the pin is firmly attached as well as the catch. This EKI is not marked which is what you would expect to find with a private purchase EK. Being a private purchase this EKI comes with a wonderful LDO box. There is some wear here and there but no major issues with the box. As a bonus this box also has its original sticker still attached. The sticker reads "F.A. Lenke Bautzen Kaiserstr. 22". This is just a great bonus to accompany an EKI. $275.00


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