Cased DKiG Belonging to SS General Walter Harzer - WH101


All of the material in this grouping came together as you see it in these photos. For safe keeping as the walls came crashing down on Germany at the end of WWII, Walter Harzer had many of these awards and photos placed in a wooden box to be hidden at his home. That container was buried in the ground, underneath a garden area behind his house. Due to that fact, some of the material in these offerings has suffered some moisture damage. That aside, they are without a doubt some of the most historical awards and insignia being offered, and worn by a famous SS General as well as Knights Cross Winner. We will be offering 7 separate listings from this group. Make sure you check out all of the others.


In this listing is the German Cross in Gold awarded to SS Standartenfuhrer Walter Harzer shortly after the June Normandy invasion. As explained, several personal items belonging to Harzer were place in a wooden box, and buried in the back yard of his residence for safe keeping. You can see that the case to this DKiG does show some wear and age, both inside and out. In lieu of that, the hinge remains sound and holds the lid open properly. The award itself was manufactured by Zimmermann, and is pin marked #20. The obverse of the award shows some wear and age, but void of any enamel damage. On the reverse, a dark patina covers most of the back. All 4 rivets hold the multi piece construction of this award nice and tight throughout. The pin displays a little misshaping due to being worn. A fantastic and historic cased DKiG belonging to a highly decorated war hero, SS Standartenfuhrer Walter Harzer.  $8250.00



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