Bronze IAB- M134


If you are looking for an example of an Infantry Assault Badge to add to a collection, this is the one you want. This bronze IAB shows much of its original finish on both the obverse and reverse. The obverse of the badge depicts the oval oak leaves and acorns with the Wehrmacht eagle clinching a swastika at the top. Horizontally across the badge is a K-98 with a bayonet. On the reverse, located in the upper center, is the maker mark JFS. The straight pin is held in place by the ball hinge with functional catch.


As if the badge is not nice enough, it comes with an original packet and cellophane. Both are in great condition considering they are very fragile and most of the time these items would be thrown out. To top it all off it comes with a bronze IAB stickpin. The pin still shows great detail and much of its original finish just like the badge.  $375


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