Allach Erthenware Julleuchter - G145


When the Nazis attempted to replace traditional Christian believes with their own pagan ideology, the Julleuchter lantern became one of the symbolic items to represent the winter solstice in place of Christmas. The Reichsfuhrer Himmler it is believed, intended to make the Julleuchter a standard gift to all SS members. This later changed for reasons unknown, and the candle holder became an actual SS award, entered into a soldiers service records.


This Julleuchter shows light wear and age to it's surface, where wax had dripped down the sides at one time. There doesn't appear to be any cracks to the piece, as all looks fairly sound. In the candle stick hole portion, there still remains some evidence of wax. The one base pod which may have contained the Kulturzeichen, shows some deformity. Its hard to say how this happened, but most likely after the war remove the SS runes. Who knows if this example had the mark or not, as some didn't. That aside, it's a neat SS cultural piece.


Nice condition on this one, and bargain priced.  $750.00



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