As a collector of 3rd Reich militaria for over 30 years the dream of putting together a web site dedicated to collectors that share my same passion, came true in December of 2012. With the encouragement of family, friends, fellow collectors and most importantly my son Kristofer, Meda Militaria finally became a reality that was long over due.


Whether you are someone that is just starting out in the hobby or a seasoned der alter Hase, Meda Militaria has something for every level of collector. We strive to do our best at describing every item that we offer, and to insure the originality of everything that we sell.


“Guaranteed to your complete satisfaction” is a statement that I’ve used for years in this hobby. We’ll always standby those words because, the only time that we’re happy…… when you’re happy.


We are always interested in purchasing anything from a single item up to collection, so please use the contact information if you have something to sell.


With that short introduction we would like to welcome you to Meda Militaria.


                                                                                                                                    - JR.















Hello and welcome to Meda Militaria. I was born and raised in Fort Collins. I have been married now for two years to my lovely wifey for lifey Katie, pictured below as we visited Normandy Beach. I have always been an entrepreneur and have been raised with a great set of values and beliefs by my parents.


Ever since I can remember, I have watched my dad buying, selling and collecting 3rd Reich edged weapons. When I was younger, the various daggers and swords in his collection just looked like a bunch of cool toys. It was only after he found me digging in the sand box with one of his K98 bayonets, I found that these weren't toys, and especially not for kids.  I remember him showing me the latest catalogs from Manions Auction House, Der Gauleiter & The Wittmann Offering, and watching him drooling over the plethora of items being offered for sale. When he did come home with a new dagger or sword, he wouldn't set it aside for a single moment, even when told it was time for dinner. Like a kid on Christmas day, he just studied his new found treasure for hours on end, and day after day.


With the coming of the Internet and the computer age, it was only a matter of time before he would take the jump in to the new discussion forums popping up on 3rd Reich militaria. Finally, being able to share his collection of 3rd Reich edged weapons with other collectors became a reality. As being one of the first members to join the German Daggers forum website in the year 2000, he soon formed bonds of friendship with collectors around the world, that shared the same collecting interests. I find myself with that same passion and excitement for 3rd Reich militaria as I saw in my dad as we now embark on a new adventure while launching our new website together and building my own collection.  Welcome to Meda Militaria.























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