720cm Railroad Eagle - G183


 As far as the so called "720mm" railroad eagles go, this has to be one which really measures up to the size some times found on the reverse of these birds. Usually the 720's are in fact 28" in length, while this one is actually a shy bit over the 28 1/2 mark. Making it the largest of the 28 inch railroad eagles that I have encountered to date. The obverse of this eagle displays a natural aluminum finish which has dulled and patina'd over the last 3/4 of a century. After de-burring and hand finishing the edges, the foundry responsible for casting this eagle left it pretty much natural in appearance. As it appears only the upper wing and swastika areas to have been further polished out during the finishing process. On the reverse there is evidence of rust, as well as silver and brown paint. An indication that the eagle may have been painted over at one time, which was done when trains were moving the German war machine in and out of hostile territories. All 3 of the cut down threaded studs remain, which were used to fasten and secure the bird. Though the chemical compound GAl-Mg-Si is normally seen on these eagles, the small circle with the symbols next to it are unknown. This is the first that I have ever seen of this foundry mark on any 3rd Reich era rail eagle. Rare size, extremely rare maker, 28" railroad eagle.   $2995.00


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