"50 Missions" Luft Visor by Erel - H157


It's worn, it's shaped, it's tattered and used, but it has the look! Though this visor shows considerable wear and age, the outside material remains in pretty good shape. There's really no holes or nip to the fabric itself to speak of. Look at how the peak of this baby is shaped! Just like you see in the photos of those Knights Cross decorated veteran aces who flew bravely for Goring's Luftwaffe. When it comes to visor caps, that is the killer look, without a doubt. You can see the piping is frayed and has separated strands, but still remains intact around the circumference of the cap. The winged cockade is securely in place, with a vented center showing that this visor is an early produced example. A beautiful hand embroidered eagle sits above it, in nice condition and perfectly centered. Though the leather sweat band is mostly gone, the satin interior remain sound. And that includes the plastic diamond with Erel manufacturing firm name on it. What a cool looking visor, with that 50 missions look !     $750.00


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