3rd Reich Hunting/Forestry Belt Rig - B140


This is a relatively early belt, buckle, and hanger assembly for a Hirschfanger dagger. The aluminum buckle and prong bar keeper are matched to this rig, and void of any marks. While the exterior leather of the belt displays a nice period brown color, the green felt lining shows considerable wear and age. That's kind of expected after 80 years of existence. Both keepers are included with the belt, as is the brass D ring and dagger hanger strap. There is a uniform protector leather fob hanging from the D ring and I mean literally hanging, as mere 4 threads are holding it on. I'm sure it can be reattached, but has been left like it is. The main component of this accoutrement being the D ring, is all nicely sewn and secure. Finally, the leather adjustment strap is still present and sewn fast to the inside of the belt. You don't all that often see these belt rigs for these Nazi era Hirschfangers. Yes the inside shows some age, but the exterior is exceptional. $295.00


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