27" Railroad Eagle by Henschel - G185


While the 600mm railroad eagle are the most prevalent size displays found in collections today, it is the 680mm examples that I have seen more in period locomotive photos. And that is exactly what we have in this offering. This 27" rail eagle is the product of the Henschel foundry, which was best known for these 680 sized 3rd Reich symbols. As usual for this firm, the obverse of the eagle is quite smooth, and relatively void of any surface imperfection. Showing just a few small air bubbles in the neck area feathers. The 3D visual effect of the swastika, wreath, and feathers, are cast beautifully. I've always felt that the head, eye, beak and mouth features of the LOK 680's and these HE's, were always more distinct on these 2 manufacture. The reverse is a darkened brown light painted surface, which like the obverse remains totally uncleaned. Common for most railroad eagles taken during the period, usually the mounting studs are cut or broken. As it was no doubt a chore for the average G.I. to remove one of this eagles for his war trophy. As you can see, this is a super nice example with all 4 large threaded studs still intact. Into the reverse mold are seen the usual symbols designating the manufacture and chemical compound make up; HE GAL Mg Si. A beautiful 27 inch railroad eagle.  $2995.00


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